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Why ServerBeach

FastFiber Network™

Blazing fast network performance.

Whew. We just got back from a spin on our 10Gbps FastFiber Network. Excuse us for a sec while we finish picking the bugs out of our teeth. (Remind us to keep the visor down next time we head out.) Talk about fast—even we can’t believe the screaming fast speeds of our FastFiber Network, a powerful hosting network built for dedicated hosting customers like you who want maximum uptime and faster connections.

This multi-vendor network is powered by best-of-breed Juniper® and Cisco® technologies and boasts over 25,000 miles of fast fiber connectivity for cost effective, Fast-Ethernet and Gigabit-Ethernet interconnectivity. You don't get that kind of speed and connectivity anywhere else. We invite you to check with other hosting providers to see for yourself.

When you host at ServerBeach, you get a team of professionals dedicated to building the strongest, most reliable and secure hosting network on earth. Imagine hosting your server on a hosting network with more than a dozen datacenters. Nobody else even comes close to what we can offer you in hosting reliability and solid uptime. Not only can we deliver, but we do it better, faster, and we're more secure.

Performance   Flexibility   24x7x365 Support
  • 100% network uptime SLA
  • 10GB / OC-192 network architecture
  • Zero packet loss on PEER 1 Hosting's internal network
  • Four Tier 1 upstream providers
  • Peering with over 1,000 networks around the world
  • Minimal latency and no single point of failure
  • Cisco powered network using Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
    Fastest inter-city times
  • Standard 100Mbps full duplex Fast Ethernet feed
  • Burstable bandwidth lets you pay for what you use


  • Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitoring the network
  • Network engineers available on-site
  • Phone and online support
  • Remote hands and KVM over IP available for Colocation clients

Engineered for performance

Our parent company PEER 1 Hosting has engineered one of the fastest and most reliable IP networks in the world, the FastFiber Network™. Our 10GB/OC-192 network architecture provides a superior IT platform to support your online business growth and new technology innovations.

The FastFiber Network™ enables high throughput and packet-per-second capability, which meets the intensive needs of industries such as VoIP and gaming. Additionally, it delivers the highest possible bandwidth required by companies specializing in rich-media and streaming applications. The FastFiber Network™ is built on a series of dedicated links between all of our facilities using multiple high-speed connections. We have strategic peering relationships with over 1,000 networks and we utilize four Tier 1 upstream providers - Level 3, Savvis, AT&T and Sprint - to ensure continued high performance. Peering lets us reduce latency between the networks, avoid additional third-party network costs, and pass the savings on to you.

More than a dozen datacenters

That's right. We have 16 datacenters throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Each connected with superior grade fiber connections, ready to deliver traffic to your server regardless of where your visitors are located. You asked for choices and we delivered. Whether you live on the west coast or on the east coast, we have a datacenter close to you. Whether you live in Canada or just about anywhere in Europe, we have a presence close to you. And we've topped it off with peering technology, a technology that gives you faster connections, more bandwidth, and absolute server performance.

Peering is an advantage

Using a combination of Tier 1 upstream providers and peering give us a strategic advantage over other networks. Peering is for all of us who want their server to be available without downtime. Hosting companies typically rely on Tier 1 connectivity, but PEER 1 Hosting has a strategic advantage by offering aggressive peering strategies. Peering involves two networks coming together to exchange traffic with each other freely. By doing so, costs are lower and you get increased capacity and control for extremely large amounts of traffic. How do we do it? We're connected to 1,000 networks to give you the absolute fastest, most reliable, high performing network available anywhere. You get to experience tremendously improved performance from your server, network, and traffic. Since PEER 1 actively pursues peer-to-peer relationships with remote networks, we bypass third party networks that would otherwise reside in between. That means routing and connection speeds are improved. And since PEER 1 Hosting directly manages the relationships with remote networks, we troubleshoot issues directly with the network in question, instead of relying on third party Network Operations Centers (NOCs). Otherwise, it would take hours to get an issue resolved instead of minutes.

Let's take it a step further

Peering results in increased control over your traffic by reducing dependencies on one or more transit providers which includes Tier 1's. You get improved performance and faster times by bypassing potential bottlenecks often associated with Tier1 providers. And in most cases, Tier 1 providers have remote destination networks, resulting in hours of trying to reach a support technician. That could mean serious downtime for your server. Peering improves the perception of the network. The more traffic you offload to peers instead of transit, the closer you get to the Tier 1 rung (typically set at 80%). We're not saying Tier1's are bad. What we're saying is if a provider solely relies on a Tier 1 network, they have no backbone, and simply have a set of standalone core routers. They are totally reliant on dealing with internet routing issues by escalating issues with their Tier 1 providers' NOCs, which can take hours and sometimes days to resolve issues. And they have no recourse to use a backbone or peering strategy to circumvent the issue.

Successful businesses, we get IT

So you've built the next hot software application that's attracting visitors by the thousands. Now you need a hosting provider that can help you make sure your visitors get to your software application. You need a superior IT platform to support your online business growth and new technological innovations. PEER 1's FastFiber Network™ enables high throughput and packet-per-second (PPS) capability, which meets the intensive needs of SaaS, VoIP and gaming. Our FastFiber Network™ delivers the highest possible bandwidth required by companies specializing in rich-media and streaming applications. So go on, host with us, you'll quickly see the difference.

Calling all gamers

As a gamer, speed is everything. Sure you have to be accurate, but accuracy means nothing if your network doesn't perform at the highest level possible. With ServerBeach and PEER 1, latency issues don't exist. And with 20 points-of-presence (POPs), latency is not an issue on our FastFiber Network. So throw up a server or two, install your favorite games, and invite all your gaming friends. You'll have the backbone to prove you're number one, and the speed to back it up.

An experienced NOC just for you

ServerBeach and PEER 1 Hosting gives you one of the fastest and brightest NOCs in the business who deliver first call resolution. No need to bombard support with helpdesk tickets, we take care of you on your first call. In most cases, your issue will be resolved within minutes, allowing you to get back to more important things.


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